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Complete Kooora Tounsia Photo collection. Check out Kooora Tounsia photo collection. Or see related: Kooora Tounsia Live plus Kooora Tounsia Taraji. Machmoum FellTounsia · Tunisia-Kairouan-Zitouna WeberTunesian (el Kef - Bledi) · Tunisie côté terre - Pâturages près d'El Kef Golfkurse, Berge, Live. Über uns; Live-Chat; Einloggen oder Anmelden. Argentina. Australia. Austria (​Österreich). Bahrain (‫البحرين‬‎). Belgium (België). Brazil (Brasil). Bulgaria.

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News et Informations et Actualité de la Tunisie en direct. les news, politique, people, sport. Retrouvez toute l'actualité sociale, politique et économique en temps. in 4 Wochen Schwangerschaft. bbc-Fußball-england v Italien live. brennen für Prostata-Verfahren. anachid tounsia. hotels in der Nähe Lloyd center portland​. Machmoum FellTounsia · Tunisia-Kairouan-Zitouna WeberTunesian (el Kef - Bledi) · Tunisie côté terre - Pâturages près d'El Kef Golfkurse, Berge, Live. Taalilat Tounsia (feat. Sami El Hilali) · Ya Mohamed Ya Jad El Al Jbine Assaba, Pt. 1 (Live). Cocktail Al Jbine Assaba (Live) · Inzade Ennabi (feat. Über uns; Live-Chat; Einloggen oder Anmelden. Argentina. Australia. Austria (​Österreich). Bahrain (‫البحرين‬‎). Belgium (België). Brazil (Brasil). Bulgaria.

The agricultural sector accounts for The industrial sector is mainly made up of clothing and footwear manufacturing, production of car parts, and electric machinery.

Tunisia was in ranked the most competitive economy in Africa and the 40th in the world by the World Economic Forum. The European Union remains Tunisia's first trading partner, currently accounting for Tunisia is one of the European Union's most established trading partners in the Mediterranean region and ranks as the EU's 30th largest trading partner.

Tunisia was the first Mediterranean country to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, in July , although even before the date of entry came into force, Tunisia started dismantling tariffs on bilateral EU trade.

Tunisia finalised the tariffs dismantling for industrial products in and therefore was the first non-EU Mediterranean country to enter in a free trade area with EU.

Tunis Sports City is an entire sports city currently being constructed in Tunis, Tunisia. Tunisia Economic City is a city being constructed near Tunis in Enfidha.

The project is financed by Tunisian and foreign enterprises. Days before Tunisia's parliamentary elections, the nation finds itself struggling with a sluggish economy.

Nevertheless, Tunisia could not accomplish anything more than freedom and democracy. It still finds itself hanging between inflation and unemployment while looking up to the 6 October elections with hope of a reform.

Among Tunisia's tourist attractions are its cosmopolitan capital city of Tunis, the ancient ruins of Carthage, the Muslim and Jewish quarters of Jerba, and coastal resorts outside of Monastir.

According to The New York Times, Tunisia is "known for its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries". Sources of electricity production in Tunisia [].

In , a total of 13, GWh was produced in the country. The main field is El Bourma. Oil production began in in Tunisia. Currently there are 12 oil fields.

Tunisia had plans for two nuclear power stations , to be operational by Both facilities are projected to produce — MW.

France is set to become an important partner in Tunisia's nuclear power plans, having signed an agreement, along with other partners, to deliver training and technology.

Instead, Tunisia is considering other options to diversify its energy mix, such as renewable energies, coal, shale gas, liquified natural gas and constructing a submarine power interconnection with Italy.

A new airport, Enfidha — Hammamet International Airport opened in The airport is located north of Sousse at Enfidha and is to mainly serve the resorts of Hamammet and Port El Kantaoui, together with inland cities such as Kairouan.

Tunisia has achieved the highest access rates to water supply and sanitation services in the Middle East and North Africa. In , ONAS was established to manage the sanitation sector.

Since , ONAS has had the status of a main operator for protection of water environment and combating pollution. According to the CIA, as of , Tunisia has a population of 11,, inhabitants.

According to the Tunisian census, Tunisia had a population at the time of 3,, residents, of which mainly Berbers and Arabs. Amazighs are concentrated in the Dahar mountains and on the island of Djerba in the south-east and in the Khroumire mountainous region in the north-west.

That said, an important number of genetic and other historical studies point out to the predominance of the Amazighs in Tunisia.

An Ottoman influence has been particularly significant in forming the Turco-Tunisian community. Other peoples have also migrated to Tunisia during different periods of time, including West Africans, Greeks , Romans , Phoenicians Punics , Jews , and French settlers.

From the late 19th century to after World War II, Tunisia was home to large populations of French and Italians , Europeans in , [] although nearly all of them, along with the Jewish population, left after Tunisia became independent.

The history of the Jews in Tunisia goes back some 2, years. In the Jewish population was an estimated ,, but by only about remained.

The first people known to history in what is now Tunisia were the Berbers. There was a continuing inflow of nomadic Arab tribes from Arabia.

According to Matthew Carr, "As many as eighty thousand Moriscos settled in Tunisia, most of them in and around the capital, Tunis, which still contains a quarter known as Zuqaq al-Andalus, or Andalusia Alley.

Arabic is the official language , and Tunisian Arabic , known as Tounsi, [] is the national, vernacular variety of Arabic and is used by the public.

French also plays a major role in Tunisian society, despite having no official status. It is widely used in education e. However, the Turks brought with them the teaching of the Hanafi School during the Ottoman rule, which still survives among the Turkish descended families today, and their mosques traditionally have octagonal minarets.

Tunisia has a sizable Christian community of around over 35, adherents, [] [] mainly Catholics 22, and to a lesser degree Protestants. Berber Christians continued to live in some Nefzaoua villages up until the early 15th century [] and the community of Tunisian Christians existed in the town of Tozeur up to the 18th century.

One-third of the Jewish population lives in and around the capital. The remainder lives on the island of Djerba with 39 synagogues where the Jewish community dates back 2, years, [] in Sfax, and in Hammam-Lif.

Many Jews consider it a pilgrimage site, with celebrations taking place there once every year due to its age and the legend that the synagogue was built using stones from Solomon's temple.

The constitution declares Islam as the official state religion and requires the President to be Muslim.

Aside from the president, Tunisians enjoy a significant degree of religious freedom, a right enshrined and protected in its constitution, which guarantees the freedom of thoughts, beliefs and to practice one's religion.

The country has a secular culture where religion is separated from not only political, but in public life. During the pre-revolution era there were at some point restrictions in the wearing of Islamic head scarves hijab in government offices and on public streets and public gatherings.

The government believed the hijab is a "garment of foreign origin having a partisan connotation". There were reports that the Tunisian police harassed men with "Islamic" appearance such as those with beards , detained them, and sometimes compelled men to shave their beards off.

In , the former Tunisian president declared that he would "fight" the hijab, which he refers to as "ethnic clothing".

After the revolution however, a moderate Islamist government was elected leading to more freedom in the practice of religion.

It has also made room for the rise of fundamentalist groups such as the Salafists , who call for a strict interpretation of Sharia law.

Individual Tunisians are tolerant of religious freedom and generally do not inquire about a person's personal beliefs. In a handful of men were arrested for eating in public during Ramadan; they were convicted of committing "a provocative act of public indecency" and sentenced to month-long jail sentences.

The state in Tunisia has a role as a "guardian of religion" which was used to justify the arrests. A basic education for children between the ages of 6 and 16 has been compulsory since Tunisia ranked 17th in the category of "quality of the [higher] educational system" and 21st in the category of "quality of primary education" in The Global Competitiveness Report —9, released by The World Economic Forum.

While children generally acquire Tunisian Arabic at home, when they enter school at age 6, they are taught to read and write in Standard Arabic.

From the age of 7, they are taught French while English is introduced at the age of 8. The Enseignement secondaire is divided into two stages: general academic and specialized.

The higher education system in Tunisia has experienced a rapid expansion and the number of students has more than tripled over the past 10 years from approximately , in to , in The gross enrollment rate at the tertiary level in was 31 percent, with gender parity index of GER of 1.

In , spending on healthcare accounted for 3. In , there were The birth of Tunisian contemporary painting is strongly linked to the School of Tunis, established by a group of artists from Tunisia united by the desire to incorporate native themes and rejecting the influence of Orientalist colonial painting.

Given its doctrine, some members have therefore turned to the sources of aesthetic Arab-Muslim art: such as miniature Islamic architecture, etc.

After independence in , the art movement in Tunisia was propelled by the dynamics of nation building and by artists serving the state.

Sadok Gmech draws his inspiration from national wealth while Moncef Ben Amor turns to fantasy. In another development, Youssef Rekik reused the technique of painting on glass and founded Nja Mahdaoui calligraphy with its mystical dimension.

There are currently fifty art galleries housing exhibitions of Tunisian and international artists. A new exposition opened in an old monarchal palace in Bardo dubbed the "awakening of a nation".

The exposition boasts documents and artifacts from the Tunisian reformist monarchal rule in mid 19th century.

Tunisian literature exists in two forms: Arabic and French. Arabic literature dates back to the 7th century with the arrival of Arab civilization in the region.

It is more important in both volume and value than French literature, introduced during the French protectorate from Among the literary figures include Ali Douagi , who has produced more than radio stories, over poems and folk songs and nearly 15 plays, [] Khraief Bashir, an Arabic novelist who published many notable books in the s and which caused a scandal because the dialogues were written in Tunisian dialect, [] and others such as Moncef Ghachem, Mohamed Salah Ben Mrad , or Mahmoud Messadi.

As for poetry, Tunisian poetry typically opts for nonconformity and innovation with poets such as Aboul-Qacem Echebbi.

As for literature in French, it is characterized by its critical approach. The themes of wandering, exile and heartbreak are the focus of their creative writing.

The national bibliography lists non-school books published in in Tunisia, with titles in Arabic. In Tunisian American creative nonfiction scribe and translator Med-Ali Mekki who wrote many books, not for publication but just for his own private reading translated the new Constitution of the Tunisian Republic from Arabic to English for the first time in Tunisian bibliographical history, the book was published worldwide the following year and it was the Internet's most viewed and downloaded Tunisian book.

At the beginning of the 20th century, musical activity was dominated by the liturgical repertoire associated with different religious brotherhoods and secular repertoire which consisted of instrumental pieces and songs in different Andalusian forms and styles of origins, essentially borrowing characteristics of musical language.

In " The Rachidia " was founded well known thanks to artists from the Jewish community. The founding in of a musical school helped revive Arab Andalusian music largely to a social and cultural revival led by the elite of the time who became aware of the risks of loss of the musical heritage and which they believed threatened the foundations of Tunisian national identity.

The institution did not take long to assemble a group of musicians, poets, scholars. The creation of Radio Tunis in allowed musicians a greater opportunity to disseminate their works.

On 7 November , President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali announced the demerger of the business, which became effective on 31 August Most programs are in Arabic but some are in French.

Before the recent democratic transition, although freedom of the press was formally guaranteed by the constitution, almost all newspapers have in practice followed the government line report.

Critical approach to the activities of the president, government and the Constitutional Democratic Rally Party then in power were suppressed.

In essence, the media was dominated by state authorities through the Agence Tunis Afrique Presse. This has changed since, as the media censorship by the authorities have been largely abolished, and self-censorship has significantly decreased.

Football is the most popular sport in Tunisia. The premier football league is the " Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 ". The Tunisia national handball team has participated in several handball world championships.

In , Tunisia came fourth. The national league consists of about 12 teams, with ES. Sahel and Esperance S. Tunis dominating. The most famous Tunisian handball player is Wissem Hmam.

In the Handball Championship in Tunis , Wissem Hmam was ranked as the top scorer of the tournament. The Tunisian national handball team won the African Cup ten times, being the team dominating this competition.

Tunisia's national basketball team has emerged as a top side in Africa. The team won the Afrobasket and hosted Africa's top basketball event in , and In boxing , Victor Perez "Young" was world champion in the flyweight weight class in and In , Tunisia participated for the seventh time in her history in the Summer Paralympic Games.

She finished the competition with 19 medals; 9 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes. Tunisia was classified 14th on the Paralympics medal table and 5th in Athletics.

Tunisia was suspended from Davis Cup play for the year , because the Tunisian Tennis Federation was found to have ordered Malek Jaziri not to compete against an Israeli tennis player, Amir Weintraub.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 2 August Country in North Africa.

Tunisian Arabic [3] Berber [4] [5] [6] [7] French administrative, commercial and educational. See also: Etymology of Tunis. Main article: History of Tunisia.

Main articles: Capsian culture and Ancient Carthage. Main article: History of medieval Tunisia. Main article: Ottoman Tunisia. Main article: French protectorate of Tunisia.

Main article: History of modern Tunisia. See also: Tunisian Revolution. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Geography of Tunisia.

Main article: Politics of Tunisia. Main article: Human rights in Tunisia. Main article: Tunisian Armed Forces. Main articles: Governorates of Tunisia and Delegations of Tunisia.

Mediterranean sea. Sidi Bouzid. Ben Arous. Main article: Economy of Tunisia. Main article: Tourism in Tunisia. Main article: Energy sector in Tunisia.

Main article: Transport in Tunisia. Main article: Water supply and sanitation in Tunisia. Main article: Tunisian people. Main article: Languages of Tunisia.

Largest cities or towns in Tunisia According to the Census []. Tunisia Religions Islam. Main article: Religion in Tunisia. Main article: Education in Tunisia.

Main article: Health in Tunisia. Main article: Culture of Tunisia. Main article: Tunisian literature. Main article: Music of Tunisia.

Main article: Media of Tunisia. Main article: Sport in Tunisia. Africa portal. Archived from the original PDF on 9 February Retrieved 10 February Translation by the University of Bern: "Tunisia is a free State, independent and sovereign; its religion is the Islam, its language is Arabic, and its form is the Republic.

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